Folk duo DUG showcase their rich transatlantic sound with, Jubilee

Music Review | 13th February, 2024 DUG Jubilee Jubilee (Cover Artwork)

Jubilee is a return to folk tradition combining finger-style with a resonator guitar and slide, accompanied by banjo. The vocal harmonies are tight with a nice little beat with brush-sticks keeping the tempo flowing.

Formed in 2023, DUG is a music project comprising of songwriter Lorkin O'Reilly and California native Jonny Pickett.

After spending the past decade in Upstate NY, releasing 3 albums, touring and gaining 20+ million streams on Spotify, Lorkin decided to pack his bags in 2022 and move home to Dublin.

That life change came with meeting Pickett, a clawhammer banjo player and musicologist, resulting in the inception of DUG – a band that blends American old time and Irish folk, reflecting the musical heritage of both is members.

DUG - Jubilee (Youtube topic)

The single, Jubilee is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Vamp & Fade PR

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