Driven Snow Release Their Debut Album, A Kind Of Dreaming

New Music | 11th January, 2024

Driven Snow have announced the release of their debut album, A Kind Of Dreaming, along with 2 intimate shows in Little Whelans, Dublin for 16/17th February 2024.

driven Snow A kind of dreaming A Kind Of Dreaming (Cover Artwork)

The album would originally began while the majority of the world was in lockdown.

Songs were mostly written at night in our back room in the depths of the lockdown while the kids were fast asleep. We started to record whatever songs we sang to them at night, staying up recording little demos of pop songs on a 4-track. One night, just for fun, we wrote an original song and over the months we built up a handful that we liked.
As soon as there was an opportunity, we headed up with the family (and the grandparents) to our friend Tommy McLaughlin's Attica Studios in Donegal to record a couple of songs, just for ourselves. Excited by the results and the reactions of friends we wrote more, and made more trips until suddenly we had a collection of songs that told a story of who we are, what we care about and how we were developing as a family. And the process (writing quietly in the shadows of a back room at night) felt like a kind of dreaming... - Kieran (guitar/ vocals)

In early 2022 Kieran and Emily began making their songs available as they were recorded. Trying, Sunlight and Flickers Of You led the way offering gentle, poignant melodies and instrumentation, bolstered with electronic swathes wrapped up in lyrical tales that told their story and the stories of the people who surrounded them. 2023 brought two more releases and their first tentative live shows.

It's so exciting to see the songs we've been working away on grow into a full album – and then be able to release them in a physical form. We just can't wait for people to hear it now!

A Kind Of Dreaming - Debut Album!! (Youtube)

A Kind Of Dreaming is available through all streaming platforms.

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