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Upcoming Irish Indie rockers Dominda unleash striking debut EP

Music Review | 24th February, 2024 Dominda Dont Mind That Dont Mind That

Dominda (pronounced doh-mind-dah) are a five-piece Indie rock band formed out of the immediate context of the lockdown, after two years of being unable to play live they were all burning to finally pick up their instruments and play again, and from that flurry of excitement and creativity, Dominda was born.

The debut EP, Dont Mind That combines a number of genres from rock to funk. Meet Me in the Morning kicks off the EP beginning with a mid-tempo before bursting into electrifying pace with gritty guitar tones, high-energy drumming and raw vocals.

She got into Berghain, lands us in the middle of a hazy smoking area somewhere in Dublin. The track changes tempo from a smooth laid back jazz feel to distorted guitars and driving beat.

The band divert in a different musical direction with You Never Told Me About Him, marrying together R&B and Funk with a driving Rock groove, and a tone drenched guitar solo.

Dominda are not just about funky grooves and distorted guitar. Tea And Honey shows the bands softer side with acoustic relaxed vibe before the EP comes to an end with the rock-anthem, Snakes.

Musically the EP is top notch with the group on-top of their game. With stunning vocals, guitars/drums and production, its hard to believe that Dont Mind That is a debut release from a band sounding as though they have been around the studio for years.

The lads are not ashamed of their background. While bands tend to mimic UK or American accents when recording, the Dublin accent can be clearly heard, adding extra colour to their music.

Speaking about their EP release the band say;

The EP is about our attempts to deal with life, love and the seeming apocalypse. It is about being catapulted towards our late twenties without much of a chance to fully appreciate what came before. Taking this into account, we run the gamut of emotions in all of the tracks. Some of the songs come from a place of idealism and expectation, others are about hopeful loneliness, while others are about simply having a good time and shooting the shit with your mates. Most of the songs were written originally as solo pieces by Luke and RuaidhrĂ­ but the band have allowed them to rise to a whole new level that we are very proud of.
People should listen to the EP because it is electrifying from start to finish, oozing musicality and character. All of our energy and excitement was poured into every track and yet we did not lose sight of our sense of humour throughout. This EP is for anyone who wants to laugh, cry or anything in between.

Dominda - Snakes (Youtube)

The EP, Dont Mind That, is available through all streaming platforms.

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