Punk Rockers Diesel Boy Release Double Single

Music Review | 4th June, 2024 Diseal Boy Diesel Boy

2023 was a banner year for Diesel Boy. After twenty something years away from the spotlight, the skate punk quartet brushed off the dust, chipped away the rust, and released a new album, Gets Old, which found the band receiving the best reviews of its career.

Now the rockers return once more with a seven inch with a pair of new songs, one about falling in love with music via cassettes Tapes, and the other about a family road trip to see punk rock landmarks Punk Rock Minivan.

Speaking about the tracks lead singer Dave Lake says;

Tapes...is a love letter to cassettes, my first musical love. What they lacked in fidelity, they made up for in portability and affordability. The Walkman was the iPhone of its day and there was nothing cooler than being able to grab a pair of headphones and take your Duran Duran tape anywhere you wanted. And mixtapes will always be infinitely more romantic than a playlist
Punk Rock Minivan...is me imagining a road trip with my kids to see all the important punk rock sights across the country. But I don't own a minivan and my kids don't care about punk rock. I wish the song had more verses so we could have made a pitstop in Chicago to see the Fireside Bowl and Steve Albini's Electrical Audio. The song is loosely inspired by Chuck Klosterman's book - Killing Yourself to Live.

Diesel Boy - Tapes | Punk Rock Minivan (Youtube)

The single Tapes | Punk Rock Minivan is available through all streaming platforms.

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