Singer/songwriter Diana McGrane releases folk-drenched, Can I See Your Lovely?

Music Review | 15th February, 2024 Diana McGrane Can I See Your Lovely Can I See Your Lovely (Cover Artwork)

Can I See Your Lovely? has a nice chill-out vibe which begins with an organ intro before Diana's melodic vocals come in. The chorus is catchy that leads to an effective bridge returning once again to the chorus, flowing along with a steady beat and guitar.

After graduating from college, working as a professional, and becoming a wife and mother, Diana realized that she had indeed accomplished her dreams in life, except for the one she'd had as a little girl...songwriting.

Soon after recognizing her need to express herself in music, she revisited her old guitar and began strumming the chords that she'd been hearing all along, as she likes to quote, The songs just came pouring out!

Now she has accumulated a collection of music that is inspirational, fun, and appealing. Diana hopes to touch each person's heart with her new release Can I See Your Lovely?, saying;

I hope it will inspire people to remember to cherish the time they have with the ones they love
Somehow singing the lyrics filled the wounded heart with hope and the promise that the impact that one can have on you is never lost. The imagery in the song creates an illusion that love is connected to everything, from the sunshine on my window to the colors of a rainbow
Later, after the loss of a parent, the song again seemed to provide comfort for the pain, proving that - Can I See Your Lovely? - serves as a symbol of faith for those that need it and the belief that you may once again see the wonder of someone's eyes.

Diana McGrane - Can I See Your Lovely?

The single Can I See Your Lovely is available through all streaming platforms.

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