Indie-Rockers Delush unleash fierce new single

Music Review | 2nd March, 2024 Delush Delush

Delush are formed by Scott Leigh and Sean Corcoran who have been playing together since they were teenagers. While their peers were studying for exams and focusing on relationships, the band members were experimenting with music in their spare time.

The pair held a strong belief in their distinct sound and determined that forming a band would be the best course of action to achieve success, releasing their debut single, Got Sick, 2023.

The latest single, Rio, begins with a slow soft piano intro before springing to life with distorted guitars and pounding drums with an irresistible vocal melody and catchy hook.

Rio holds a special place in the band member's hearts. It was the first track that made the audience sing along and request them to release it.

We knew Rio had to be our next single based on the crowd alone. Everyone sings the chorus like they've known the song all their lives. The first time we played it at practice we knew we were onto a hit. Now that it's being released, we couldn't be happier.

Delush - Rio

The single, Rio, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Aoife Neville/Kate O'Loughlin,

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