Indie artist David ofmg Returns with new single

New Music | 25th January, 2024

Taking inspiration from a wide variety of sources from emo to dream-pop to shoegaze, david ofmg has returned with the release of his latest single, In The Afternoon.

David ofmg early in the afternoon Early In The Afternoon

David released his debut E.P, For What Its Worth, in 2023, which seen the singer featured in a number of press articles, along with radio airplay.

In The Afternoon is built around a unique beat and despite the meaning behind the song it is upbeat with modern pop feel to it.

The latest release from the Arklow, (Co. Wicklow) songwriter is a topic that is close to him personally.

The song explores the psychological impact of sleep and insomnia which is something that I have struggled with myself. It's a condition that is intrinsically linked to many artists. To the point where many of them can only create at night. As if the night is their fortress of solitude and the pressure of day are too much for them.

The singer continues...

I wanted the song to compliment the dreamlike subject matter through shoegaze and dream pop production techniques. I also wanted to experiement with unconventional sounds such as a guitar with autotune on it.

David ofmg - Early In The Afternoon

The single, Early In The Afternoon, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Chloe Heart

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