Pop-folk singer songwriter Ciara Rose Releases Moving New Single

Music Review | 16th May, 2024 Ciara Rose Ciara Rose

Singer songwriter CĂ­ara Rose early days were filled with impromptu performances in the front garden for neighbours in the working-class estates of Blanchardstown.

Music has always been an eclectic mix for Ciara, who is deeply influenced by the sounds that filled the family home such as Whitesnake, Christy Moore, Mary Black and Motown, exposing the artist to a rich tapestry of melodies and rhythms.

As a singer songwriter Ciara has been carving out a unique space in the music scene, blending an array of styles creating a sound that is both personal and universally appealing.

The latest track from Ciara is The Daughter of James Connolly , written by Frank Allen in 2005, which beautifully encapsulates the poignant final moments between Irish Patriot James Connolly and his daughter, Nora.

The lyrics of the song are profoundly moving, echoing the very words James spoke to Nora on his deathbed in Dublin Castle.

In the early hours of the morning, Nora and Lillie, his wife and eldest daughter, were summoned to his bedside to be informed of his impending execution. Their final exchange was devoid of hatred or bitterness, filled instead with an overwhelming expression of love for his family, his life, and his unwavering dedication to the cause he held dear.

This song, nearly word-for-word in parts with James Connolly's last words, is a tribute that will touch your heart. It captures the essence of a father's love and a patriot's sacrifice, making it a powerful and emotional listening experience.

Ciara Rose - The Daughter Of James Connolly (Youtube)

The single The Daughter Of James Connolly is available through all streaming platforms.

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