Ciara Lawless Releases Latest Single

New Music | 15th January, 2024

Irish pop/singer-songwriter Ciara Lawless has released her latest track, Where Are Your Wings, ahead of the her debut album set for April, 2024.

Ciara Lawless Where Are Your Wings Where Are Your Wings? (Cover Artwork)

The third single released from Ciara takes a shift in style as the songwriter departs from her folk-pop roots and embracing a contemporary neo-80s sound.

Where Are Your Wings? is a slow paced song with a steady beat throughout along with flawless melodic vocals from Lawless.

Lawless latest release is not just a song; it's an exploration of reconnection with one's inner child, a journey of healing, and self-discovery. This evolution showcases Ciara's versatility and sets the stage for an exciting musical trajectory.

2023 was triumph year for Ciara as she performed on the festival circuit, gaining a reputation for her soulful voice, magnetic charisma, and signature flower head crowns that have turned heads and hearts alike.

With the release of Where Are Your Wings? in January and a full-length album scheduled for April 2024, Ciara Lawless is poised to take centre stage in the music world. The upcoming tour adds to the anticipation, solidifying her status as one of Ireland's most promising young musical talents.

Ciara Lawless - Where Are Your Wings?

Ciaras single Where Are Your Wings? is available through all streaming platforms, and the album is set for release April, 2024.

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