Queer Irish Rising Star of Alt Electropop Chubby Cat releases summer bop

Music Review | 28th June, 2024 Chubby Cat Oh Honey Oh Honey! (Cover Artwork)

Alt-pop artist Chubby Cat has been creating music on her own terms to astonishing effect as her vocals and experiment with new styles has gained the artist a fan base everywhere she goes.

The artist popularity continues to grow as several of Chubby Cats previous releases have received airplay on multiple radio stations along with live performances that have left a lasting impression on crowds.

The latest track from the artist is OH HONEY! an infectious earmworm and a very strong contender for Song of the Summer.

Speaking about Oh Honey!, Chubby Cat says;

I wrote OH HONEY! about how I find it difficult to commit to some relationships because I've never been the type to date, honesty. It takes a lot for me to trust people and I'm very afraid of being hurt. I'm way too sensitive.
I was playing with how to show my frame of mind in the way I've written this track, the lyrics are a real representation of how chaotic my head can get when I overthink relationships too much

Chubby Cat - Oh Honey! (Youtube)

The single Oh Honey! is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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