Alt Electropop Chubby Cat releases powerful new single, 100 Miles An Hour

Music Review | 25th February, 2024 Chubby Cat Chubby Cat

Chubby Cat has been making waves in Ireland since releasing the singles Big Dog Barking, 21st Century Panic Attack, & Kissin In The Valley-O, which gained support on Irish Radio.

Combining beats and synthesizers along with distinct vocals the latest single, 100 Miles An Hour, showcases Chubby Cats unique sound and creative abilites as a recording artist.

Speaking about the single the talented singer says;

I wrote this song whilst feeling squashed under the pressures of being an artist in any creative setting. I love to make music and write, but sometimes it can feel very difficult to keep a cool head, while juggling your emotional side and rational side so closely together. 100 Miles An Hour is a reflection of those head spinning moments when feeling some slight loss that no one is recognising what I am trying to do with my lyrics and music. It's an argument that lives in my head and I think the song captures it well

The singer is set to release a debut EP this year on vinyl with Dublin Vinyl, having won the coveted Best Artist at Ireland Music Week.

Chubby Cat - 100 Miles an Hour

The single, 100 Miles An Hour, is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Ciara McMullen

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