Mancunians Chew Magna Release Stunning Debut Album

New Music | 19th January, 2024 Chew Magna Chew Magna (Cover Artwork)

More than just an onslaught of decibel-destroying fuzz, the 4-piece took inspiration from their vast record collections laying down an ambitious record that veers and lurches into Indie Rock, Krautrock, Post-Hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock and Shoegaze.

Speaking about the latest release singer Laurie says;

We wanted to create a really varied record that gives a nod to loads of our favorite bands from the 70’s onwards and isn’t necessarily beholden to traditional, vocal led song structures.

The album certainly packs a punch from the opens lead single Listless, a full throttle krautrock punk, to the Sonic Youth inspired, 4232.

Elsewhere songs like Punk Dick see the 4-piece jamming 3 minutes of instrumental psych rock followed by 1 minute of ferocious hardcore punk, in contrast to Secrets, a poppy indie rock anthem buried under unyielding guitar squall.

Assembled after stepping back from their former musical outfits, guitarist, Simon (Young British Artists), guitarist and vocalist, Laurie (Songs For Walter), drummer, Ben (Young British Artists) and bassist, Joel (Jane Weaver, Frances Lung) have come together at no better time.

Absorbing influences from the world around them as they navigate new sonic terrains (even Chew Magna’s own village-inspired band name aligns with the colourful vista depicted in the album artwork by talented landscape artist Josh Sowa), theirs is a melodic commotion with the thunder to lighten up even the greyest of skies.

Chew Magna - Listless (Youtube)

The album, Chew Magna is available through all streaming platforms.

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