Cara Dillon Prepares for Album Release

Music Review | 7th February, 2024

Irish folk singer Cara Dillon has released her latest single Giving, from her upcoming album set for release 15th March 2024.

Cara Dillon Cara Dillon

The song begins with finger-style guitar and spoken verse before Cara delivers an emotional breathtaking vocal performance supported by a small addition of stringed instruments.

Giving features on the soon to be released album, Coming which will be Cara's first collection of entirely original material and, in a break from previous work finds her combining spoken word and song in ten exquisite tracks which bring to life intensely personal memories of her native Co. Derry and the people, places, and customs that have shaped her.

The single, Giving was inspired by Cara's 92 year old mother, and within it lies a distilled reflection of Irish hospitality and generosity.

I would not go empty-handed, for it has been drummed into me: 'Give anything, but give.' These words, spoken by my mother countless times throughout my life, are both cloak and blanket, providing reassurance and giving me purpose in the moments when I am lost, and helping me teach my own children that, no matter how small the offering or how fleeting the moment, there is beauty to be found in keeping others in your heart and mind.

Cara Dillon - Giving (Official Video)

The album will be released alongside a beautiful companion book of the same name, featuring Cara's original poetry and the personal stories that accompany them, as well as anecdotes and musings which offer a rich context for her artistic work.

Cara will be launching her book in two very special live events hosted by the Belfast International Arts Festival, on 20th February at The Crescent Theatre and 21st February, Dublin Hodges Figgis (Waterstones).

The single, Giving, is available through all streaming platforms, and the album Coming is set for 15th March 2024.

Photo Credit: Pete Murphy Publicity

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