Indie Artist Camille Schmidt releases stunning debut EP

Music Review | 16th June, 2024 Camille Schmidt Camille Schmidt

Singer/songwriter Camille Schmidt latest release, and her debut EP, Good Person is a collection of six folk-drenched indie pop songs from an artist on the rise.

The artist began recording her latest EP in May 2023, along with her band gathered at producer Phil Weinrobe's studio – Sugar Mountain. Weinrobe took a unique approach to the recording process: he instructed Schmidt not to share any songs with the band beforehand and even not to create a track list for the EP.

The result is an enthralling folk-drenched indie pop EP, chronicling the autobiographical experience the artist had with grappling with feelings of shame and perfectionism.

Speaking about the EP Camille says;

This EP is very much about struggle, about process – specifically the process of becoming. And looking back at all the things you've been through in your childhood, looking back on the different versions of yourself you've been in friendships and relationships, the different fake versions of self you've presented to the world (as well as looking directly at the f*cked up things happening in the world) and then sort of asking with a real honest earnest hope, is there something else? And then betting with your life that there is.

Camille Schmidt - Good Person (Youtube)

The EP Good Person is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Mora May Agency

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