Wildly Creative Songwriter Boy Jr. Releases Latest Single

Music Review | 23rd April, 2024 Boy Jr Boy Jr.

Boy Jr. is the songwriting/production project of Ariel Allen-Lubman (they/them), who has established a consistently viral internet presence through original music that is both catchy and creative, while staying true and personal.

While Boy Jr.'s charming, energetic indie pop-rock flourishes from Allen-Lubman's academic music production background, the immense genre versatility is the backbone of the project.

Through an entirely DIY ethos, Allen-Lubman's career is just about to fully blossom. Through a combination of genuine musical talent, and high energy, oddball personality, Boy Jr. has attracted a variety of followers, from music lovers to critics to creators.

As they gear up to promote their upcoming full length DIY album, I Love Getting Dumped, Allen-Lubman continues to use their platform to explore expression in artistry, gender, and influencership.

The latest single I Hope You Feel Terrible is the lead single which is an honest and relatable narrative of wanting to confront the one who did you wrong.

Speaking about the track Boy Jr. says:

You know how people will tell you to write a letter you'll never send when you're upset with someone? "I Hope You Feel Terrible" is like the letter I wasn't supposed to send. It is for everyone who wishes they could have a romcom-like confrontation with someone who hurt them and tell them exactly how they really feel, with the perfect closing one liner and everything.

Boy Jr. - I Hope You Feel Terrible (Youtube)

The single I Hope You Feel Terrible is available through all streaming platforms.

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