5 piece blues-infused Black Dog Moon Deliver Self-titled album

Music Review | 28th June, 2024 Black Dog Moon Black Dog Moon

Black Dog Moon are a blues-infused rock and roll band that proudly wear their influences on the backs of their denim jackets while bringing their own unmistakable swagger to their sound.

It's this inimitable growl that can be heard across the 9 tracks of their self-titled debut album, a collection of dualling guitars, rumbling bass and thunderous drums.

The album opens with The Free Wind, instantly setting the tone for the rest of the album with high gain guitars of Daniel Martin and Dylan Kelly providing riff after riff, trading licks while propelled by Stevie Glackin's stadium sized drum sound.

Stand is a broodier affair that speaks of the frustration felt at the state of current world affairs, building to a crescendo that feels cathartic, reflecting the frustration expressed in the lyrics.

Underpinned by Nicky Browns bassline, The Moment show that Black Dog Moon are no one trick pony with the slow tempo track Summertime on Easy Street.

The heavily distorted track Black Dog Moon is a rousing fists in the air track which is followed by the wailing of the wah pedal infused River Maiden.

The band change gear with the acoustic Rainy Nights in Belfast, until lead single Troll sees the band return to rock mode once again with its Sabbath-esque riff and swampy rhythm.

The album finishes with the band firing on all cylinders delivering Mr Trauma, an up-tempo track with dark lyrics littered with references to addiction and the heavy baggage that accompanies such an affliction.

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The album Black Moon Dog is available through all streaming platforms.

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