Funk/pop band Bex Release Powerful New single

Music Review | 7th June, 2024 BEX BEX

From soulful ballads to high-energy anthems, BEX fearlessly transcends musical boundaries, creating an eclectic and memorable musical narrative.

When it comes to what inspires the band to create the music they make, it ranges from each member's cultural background.

Rebecca Houlihan known for her master storytelling and soulful voice originates from Cork, Ireland along with fellow Cork man Bryan Curtis supplying the pulse-driving rhythm.

Bass player Hernan Fridman, the rhythmic force behind BEX, hails from the vibrant capital of Argentina, while Lorenzo Spinozzi, the guitar virtuoso of BEX, hails from the enchanting town of Sanremo, Italy.

Through each member, the vibrancy of BEX comes to life to create stand-out tracks with a unique listening experience and stellar live performances.

The latest single Freedom delivers a powerful anthem of resilience and hope. Crafted by frontwoman Rebecca's heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melody, this captivating track delves into the universal yearning for liberation in the face of adversity.

Opening with acoustic guitar and subtle percussion, Rebeccas vocals shine building to a heavier rock sound as the chorus kicks in along with blazing lead guitar and solid rhythm section.

BEX - Freedom (Youtube)

The single Freedom is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music 2024

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