Indie Artist ARREN set to release stunning new single

Music Review | 28th June, 2024 Arren It Takes One To Know It Takes One To Know (Cover Artwork)

ARREN is a Dublin based, Limerick born artist who intends to blend the scale of iconic 90's rock bands with the intimacy of singer-songwriter, having inspirations including Radiohead, Oasis, Hudson Taylor and U2.

The soon to be released It Takes One to Know, is an anthemic, summer rocker that combines the highs of a sunny blurry holiday with friends with the lows of heartbreak in your early 20's.

A blend of dance-inducing pop verses and hard hitting rock-driven choruses ARREN paints a picture of a rollercoaster emotion-filled summer.

Speaking about the track ARREN says;

I hope this song teleports listeners to that one summer trip abroad where you drank a bit too much trying to forget about that one that got away. This song and my upcoming debut 12 track album, 'Dark Earth' have been 5 years in the making and explore the ups and downs of your early 20s that I think all of us have in common. I'm looking forward to sharing 'It Takes One to Know' with the world and taking listeners back to that messy but electrifying time in their life.

The single It Takes One To Know is available through all streaming platforms from Wednesday 3rd July.

Photo Credit: ARREN

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