Pop-Punk The Anti-Queens Drop Anthemic New Album

Music Review | 20th May, 2024 The Anti-Queens The Anti-Queens

Founded back in 2012 The Anti-Queens are a pop-punk group consisting of the fiercely talented and dynamic duo of Emily Bones and Valerie Knox. They have been carving their unique mark on the international punk rock landscape blending raw energy, lyrical depth, and an unapologetic stage presence that captivates audiences everywhere they go.

With a number of tours and festival appearances The Anti-Queens have shown their ability to captivate audiences on a grand scale through electrifying performances and a genuine commitment to their craft.

From defiant ragers to heartfelt angry love songs to scathing social castigations, their latest LP, Disenchanted, is absolutely rammed with massive pop-punk-rock anthems.

Disenchanted continues the duo's tradition of crafting infectious, hook-laden anthems that will surely delight fans of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, The Distillers, Hole, L7, Lunachicks, and The Warning.

Written by Emily Bones and Valerie Knox over the course of the pandemic, Disenchanted is a conscious meeting of vulnerability, self reflection, and finding one's self worth and motivation to attack what life throws at you head-on.

Along with the LP the band have also released an accompanying video for the track Overthinking.

Speaking about the track the band says;

Overthinking is about the mental spiral of stressing over things that are beyond our control. We wanted the music video to visually echo this theme. The summer scenes are meant to capture that carefree happiness you feel when spending a warm, sunny day playing with your dog while in the company of a best friend

The Anti-Queens - Overthinking (Youtube)

The album Disenchanted is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Michael Crusty

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