and he, the fool release groove filled new single, Good Aches

Music Review | 25th March, 2024 and he, the fool good aches and he, the fool

and he, the fool are an exciting new 7-piece band who combine bittersweet rock tinted with wistful folk and neo-soul, given rise to an exciting and diverse yet distinctive sound.

As a live act the band has gathered a lot of buzz already; showcasing hot-swapping lead vocals, tight rhythmic musicianship and thick layered harmony carrying the show from moody pensive tension to bursts of agony and euphoria.

The latest track Good Aches is psychedelic rock with a modern feel combining saxaphone, guitars, pounding drum and stunning vocals.

Speaking about Good Aches the band says:

A tight groove, huge saxophone riffs and diversions into psychedelia all come together to paint a rapidly decaying portrait of a relationships' last breaths in bed in the morning. Good Aches is that moment, looking up at your partner next to you, not knowing if they are ignoring you, or aware you are even there. It's a breakup song, but it's still full of love. Love that exists within too much comfort, yearning and wishing for the discomfort, the good aches of the past.

and he the fool - Good Aches (Youtube)

The single Good Aches is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Thomas Corrigan

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