Amy Katt follows up debut release with second single

Music Review | 26th April, 2024 Amy Katt Amy Katt

Amy Katt is centered around the special alchemy between long time collaborators Amy Katt and Sam Hargraves, with Sam writing the music and laying down guitar, bass and drum tracks while Amy takes care of lyrics and melodies.

Pulling from a smorgasbord of influences from heavy metal, emo, rock and dance provides a huge palette of sounds, unrestricted by genre or convention. This is at the heart of their sound.

The latest release from the duo The Things You Did is urgent and fresh as its rips across its two-and-a-half-minute run time. Built around Amy's signature vocals, walls of abrasive synths and molasses thick guitars help tear up the rule book splicing genre and sounds to create a unique and contemporary track.

Lyrically Amy doesn't shy away from confrontation, taking aim at those who might exploit or undervalue a partner in a relationship.

The Things You Did wastes absolutely no time in going for the jugular as Amy vents her considerable spleen against the ghost of toxic partner.

As Amy and Sam begin the arduous process of looking for musicians to help bring their sound to the stage they are careful to protect the chemistry that is so central to their sound. 'The Things You Did' is a flag in the moon moment for Amy Katt, confidently proclaiming that they have arrived.

Amy Katt - The Things That You Did (Youtube)

The single The Things That You Did is available through all streaming platforms.

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