Exciting Irish pop artist Amelia Liz releases upbeat new single

Music Review | 31st May, 2024 Amelia Liz Amelia Liz

Dublin artist Amelia Liz is a songwriter first and foremost, crafting hooky pop songs, all the while capturing the art of storytelling within her music.

Having received BBC radio play in the past for her debut single Nice Girls, the latest single Lonely is set to be another radio success with it's thick provocative kick, as well as lush synths, keys and emphatic vocal line.

Amelias well thought out arrangements and unique style combine together to make Lonely an infectious new summer pop anthem.

Speaking about the track the artist says;

I started writing this song because I would feel random bouts of loneliness–that's when I wrote the first part of the chorus. But then I was listening to my friends, and it seems to be a nightmare for them to find someone and while I was writing the song...I began writing it more so for them.

Amelia Liz - Lonely (Youtube)

The single Lonely is available through all streaming platforms.

Photo Credit: Jawdropper Music

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